When to plan?

The fall semester is coming to an end very soon. I’m finding it difficult to set aside time to plan my trip to Colombia. I’ve got 3 weeks until I leave for Bogota and I have done almost no research on my destination. I figure I’ll be OK either way as long as this time I actually book a hotel for my first night ahead of time. My last trip I ended up in freak-out mode my first night because I arrived late at night in Santo Domingo in search of a hotel. I think this time I wanna just get picked up from the airport by my hotel and transported directly to a place to crash.

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I’ve all but finished my online course for Children’s Literature I just have to do my final exam. I have a paper to write for Globalization in Africa. I have an exam and an interview for my Spanish class and then a final for Hot Spots Around the Globe. The good thing is I only have one exam during finals week and everything else is done the week before so I will at least get to focus on planning the week before I leave. I’ve found it is easier to do it this way since most of the time once I arrive everything gets thrown out the window. There isn’t a whole lot I’m looking to do in Colombia besides relax, walk around and people watch, eat good food and hopefully meet some nice people. I’m really looking forward to practicing my Spanish in real situations. I’m also really excited about getting to see the Andes Mountains.

I’ve never been one to be big on site seeing and museum hopping so I don’t think I’ll throw in any of that on my agenda. I have a couple of coworkers who have friends in Colombia that offered to get me in contact with them either in case of an emergency or to even go out for a night. We’ll see how that goes.

I found an interesting hostel in Medellin that I’m looking forward to staying at for at least a couple nights. They have the Sunday NFL Ticket so I can actually watch my Buccaneers play. I haven’t missed a game in over a decade and would to be able to watch out of the country (No matter how pitiful that may be right now). I know what you’re thinking… travel all the way to another continent just to sit on my ass on a Sunday afternoon watching NFL when I could be doing that at home. My answer to that is I can’t watch football IN Colombia while I’m at home. It’s a fun experience.

Well, for right now this is all I got as my mind will be focused on house cleaning for Thanksgiving tomorrow and paper writing/exam studying all of next week. I’ll try to get a decent update in before I leave for Colombia.

Hasta Luego.

5th Continent

I’m excited to say that in December I will set foot on my 5th continent. South America. I just spent 45 frustrating minutes on americanairlines.com trying to purchase the flight. I had originally planned to go to Panama but after thinking it over for awhile and being bored with the idea of chilling on the beach for 10 days I decided the price was right for a flight to Bogota, Colombia. I’ll spend 10 days in December in and around the cities of Bogota and Medellin! I’ve hear nothing but good things about Colombia as long as I ask the right people who have actually been there and aren’t basing their opinions on popular misconceptions. The timing will be PERFECT for this trip. I’ll be finishing my 3rd semester of Spanish so it will give me a good chance to practice it. I hear English is kind of hard to come by!

I have no real plan in place yet other than about 5 days around each city with one full day of travel in between. I found a pretty cool looking hostel in Bogota but nothing yet in Medellin. I will be sure to keep everyone posted on my plans! Now I just have to get through the fall semester in one piece. This will be a great get-a-way.