Quick notes from the flight home

I could and very well may live in Medellin some day.

I might spend my 30th birthday and graduation celebration in Cartagena and Medellin and will be looking for friends to join me this time.

Usually when I am coming home from a trip I’m exhausted and ready to come home. I feel like I could keep going this time.

I never really saw myself as interested in South America apart from making sure I set foot on the continent at least once. I think there is more for me here.

It is sometimes hard to find Colombian food in Parque Lleras.
Americans are sometimes difficult to talk to when overseas. If they’re expats they tend to downplay your interest in coming there to live just like them.

I’ve learned that Colombia is no more or less dangerous now than it was 7 years ago if you stick to the tourist destinations. Many locals have been surprised at the comment that Colombia is now “safer.” To them, the dangers still exist and have always been some part of life outside of the cities in guerilla controlled areas.

Julien taught me a lot about the perception that the French have of Americans. I can’t say I disagree with any of his points.

Lucy, Bob, Laura, and Jaime, thank you for the inspiration to go to Colombia. Maybe someday I’ll make it to Cali.

Tiger Paw hostel was too much fun. I look forward to making Brian (the owner) throw me a birthday party in August.

Paisas are warm and welcoming people. Paisa is the term for a person who is from and has deep roots in the valleys in and around Medellin. They are said to be pure and distinct, and an isolated population.

I didn’t eat McDonalds while I was in Colombia.

My last meal however was a burger and fries from Presto, a popular Colombian fast food restaurant.

I just flew over Jamaica.

American Airlines is terrible.

I drank a lot of tap water in Colombia. I’m still alive.

Traveling in Colombia is not that difficult.

I wish Tampa had a metro and cheap taxis.
Beer was excellent in Medellin. Just another reason to live there.

Cocaine is HUGE in Colombia. Fortunately, I’m too old for peer pressure.
I want to make a pros and cons list for living in Medellin.

It waited till the last day I was there and on my way to the airport for the sun to shine and the skies to turn blue.

I learned the basic salsa steps and can dance Salsa solo but as soon as the girl starts doing her thing I fall apart.

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