Wake up Mr. Joe, time to write!

There’s a big hole in my website between when I settled down in Indonesia until now. For some reason I can never keep up the motivation for writing when I’m sedentary. It is so much easier to write when I’m on the road sitting at a guesthouse in some strange city. The one thing I didn’t anticipate about living abroad is that eventually it becomes normal life. You wake up, take a shower, go to work, maybe you have breakfast maybe you don’t. Maybe you’re late but you need to stop for gas. Some days you have to go to the doctor, some days you have to pay your internet bill. Don’t get me wrong, the excitement is still there but at some point life just starts becoming normal. It’s in those moments when the motivation to write is really difficult to find.

So here I am, writing something. Anything, even if it’s just some words and thoughts. This is partly due to a school assignment involving the internet in education and maintaining a web presence but in reality this has been a long time coming. So here it goes…

I am starting to feel it again. This feeling I haven’t had in a while… the excitement, the good kind of anxiety, the anticipation of change. As I have recently entered into my sixth year abroad and had my fifth anniversary of landing in Indonesia for the first time on Valentine’s Day 2011, I am starting to feel a chapter of my life closing and a new adventure on the horizon shortly.

I began this journey towards living overseas back in 2007 after coming home from a “round-the-world” trip and realizing the cubicle life of working for holidays wasn’t for me. I went back to school and got my degree and took off for another trip. This time however, I had my heart set on sustaining myself. I did the 120-hour TEFL certification and then found a job in Medan, Indonesia where I spent two years teaching and then moved to Bandung in West Java where I currently reside. After four years of language center experience as well as teaching elementary, junior and senior high schools, I was ready to expand my horizons and solidify teaching as a career. In 2015 I decided to go back to university and study TESOL as a graduate student. If all goes well I will graduate in December of this year. Much like when I graduated in mid-2010 and then by early 2011 I was off to start my new life. I have a feeling the same will be true for 2017. Anything is possible, I can go anywhere.
But where will I go? Well, that will be for another post! Stay tuned…

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