Shifting Gears

I’m shifting gears a bit in my current situation and taking the dive back into full time employment a little earlier than expected. I only have 8 more credits left before graduation so that means I can take two, four credit online courses over the summer. I originally planned to go full time after graduation in August but instead I decided on May 1st to get the savings going even faster. My full time schedule was approved and I’ll be back to 40 hours per week right away.

I’m a bit nervous, as I haven’t worked full time since 2006, but it will be a much needed change of savings pace. I’ve done pretty well working part time and now I’ll be able to push my plans up a little closer than I originally anticipated. At this rate, I could see myself taking my TEFL certification as early as next March. I’ve already got some exciting travel plans in the works. I already know I will be returning to Colombia with my brother in August after graduation. A few other things are in the works for early 2011 before heading to Thailand for my TEFL certification. I’m leaning towards a trip to Central America as well as a return trip to the horn of Africa, including Ethiopia, Djibouti, Sudan and Somaliland (the northern self-proclaimed independent state in Somalia which enjoys a stable autonomous government)

With the full time pay I can afford to move out and my really good friend Brooke from Brooke Reviews and her boyfriend just got approved for a house they really wanted and are waiting on the closing date. They offered to let me move in with them for the remainder of 2010 until I’m ready to head overseas. I’m really excited about this because their house is going to be awesome and everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that the closing date comes and goes without a hitch, and that they’re able to move in with relative ease beginning in early May. I’m looking forward to BBQ pool parties during football season!

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  1. “BBQ pool parties during football season!” Excellent!

    Congrats on getting close to finishing school! Can’t wait to hear more about your future “adventures.” :)

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