Water wars in the streets of Pattaya

I’m missing Thailand today, big time. I was able to enjoy the Songkran festival celebrating the Thai new year a few years ago. Basically, the entire country enters into one big water gun fight. I loved it. Unfortunately, I was recovering from a moped accident I suffered in Ko Pha Ngan and had some open wounds that were not supposed to get wet. Because of this, I had to be careful where I went as the Thai’s, especially the children, are ruthless with their water attacks. They’ll get you regardless of what you are dressed in and of course my pleas to avoid my right leg where I had 2nd degree burn were not heard.

Bar girls dousing a passing motorist

Still, I tried to have as much fun as possible and bought a couple of guns from a local vendor and took to the streets of Pattaya. I think, Soi 11 1/2 was my strong hold at Mac’s Guesthouse. I hung around here mostly, but ventured out in search of victims. Pattaya is well known for the endless amounts of Go-Go Bars, so watching out for the Thai youth was just as important as keeping an eye on the Thai bar girls sniping you from the doorway of their bar.

In some areas, traffic was at a stand still with truck beds full of teenagers dumping entire buckets of water on passing motorists. No one is safe. Even motorcyclists with passengers on the back were doused with water.

I hear the festivities are going on pretty normal this year even with the increased political unrest in Bangkok. Reports from fellow bloggers and Tweeters in the area have confirmed that, for the most part, hot spots such as Khao San Rd. are in full songkran swing! I celebrated the Thai New Year myself today by hitting up my favorite Thai restaurant in Tampa and eating some green curry chicken. It was delicious!

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