I hate computers and I think I'm staying home in August

Seriously, I finally figured out what was buggin my brand new PC over the last few months. It was a crappy hard drive. So, I made sure I got all my photos off of it and into safety. I would die if I lost my travel pictures. I replaced the hard drive and reinstalled windows and now everything seems to be running OK. I told myself I would wait for everything to be working right before I started organizing photos or getting myself more involved with Twitter.

So, about August. I have a week off from both classes and work in mid-August. It will actually be my birthday week. I originally planned to maybe go out of town for the weekend. I even went as far as attempting to make contact with a Couch Surfer from Haiti. Flights are pretty cheap from Tampa to Port-au-Prince and I have heard great things about the couch surfers there. I think the notice is too short now and in reality I just don’t feel up for a trip right now.

I’ve been running through a ton of options for December when I have much more time off but that’s Christmas time and mom has already expressed that she would like me home for Christmas this year because after I graduate I may not be home for SEVERAL.

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  1. Couch surfing? Wow – what a concept. Sorry to hear you aren’t going to Haiti now, but there is always another time. :) And I think you should stay home with your family this Christmas. :) You can be Mr. Globetrotter once you graduate, right?

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