Lazy in Nairobi

Ok, so maybe I was a little more exhausted than I thought. After taking a walk this morning and stopping for a Fanta, I headed back to my hotel and laid down to read my guide book for Ethiopia. I eventually passed out and slept for 7 hours. I hope I can still get to sleep tonight because tomorrow is another big day.

I feel a bit guilty about coming back on to the internet tonight but Nairobi isn’t the safest place for me to be walking around at night by myself. After this I’ll find a place to eat. I saw a Taco place near my hotel that had the exact same symbol as the one at home but definitely was not Taco Bell.

Just thought i’d add that before I headed out!
There is appaerently a Hooters in Nairobi so maybe I’ll be REALLY adventerous and different and go get some wings and a pitcher of beer then watch some football. There should be some matches on tonight.


Just wanted to say I had the strangest moment sitting here in the internet cafe. It was all quiet and there is one other guy in here with me aside from the 2 women working the counter. Suddenly the radio turns on and they are blasting country music. Randy Travis “Forever and Ever Amen” to be specific.They were singing along too.

The kid next to me is on myspace music listening to Nickelback songs.

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