The Middle East?

Not much to update right now. I just wanted to check in. I’ve been spending time with family and friends and relaxing. The planning for the trip portion of my journey is pretty much finished and I just have a few loose ends to tie up before I leave. I’ve decided to add the Middle East to my trip and do as much as possible in the time I have available before I need to be in Thailand.

I’ll probably spend 2-3 weeks in the horn of Africa before flying to Dubai and on to Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. I will likely try to see Cairo/Giza for the Great Pyramids. My route really depends on flight costs. My research has led me to believe that flying within the Middle East is rather cheap. Also, getting from most places to Bangkok on a one-way ticket looks better than if I do it from Africa.

No itinerary is set in stone yet aside from my arrival in Ethiopia and journey across the border to Somaliland. Once in Somaliland it all depends on how I feel. I’m trying to avoid any “backtracking.”

I’ll keep everyone posted! 25 more days till I land in Africa!

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