The South Terminal

Frequent flyers through Miami International Airport’s south terminal know about it. Well, the male ones do anyway. I had just finished putting myself back together after the security check point when a young male TSA agent came up behind me and said, “Man… that right there is why I love working in this terminal!” I glanced at what he was pointing too and it was two young, good looking women with dark skin and black hair. I immediately turned to him and said, “This must be the terminal that serves South America.” He replied, “Yep!” He wasn’t kidding though. Gate J-12 Buenos Aires, Gate J-17 Cali, Gate J-11 Quito, Gate J-4 Medellin. I was tempted to change my flight and get myself back to Colombia, especially since I found out my flight is delayed.

I guess I could be stuck in worse places for six hours. My dad warned me earlier in the day that the flight coming in from Frankfurt to Miami was running late. Five hours late to be exact. So, I’ve been keeping busy, walking around, people watching and generally just trying to take in the journey. Due to the flexible nature of my travels I’m not overly concerned about the delay. Sure, I’m going to miss my connection to Addis Ababa, but maybe in return I get an overnight stay in Frankfurt and get to see Germany for a night. Das ein gud!

UPDATE: I actually made my connectection. Lufthansa had employees with a sign for passengers connecting to Addis Ababa. Myself and three others were whisked away on a bus, rushed through security and boarded the jet from the tarmac. I had literally no time to stretch my legs and relax before I was on my second consecutive long haul flight. I have made it to my hotel in Addis with ease and settled in for a good night sleep.

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