Travel Savings Tip #2

If you’re like I was in the years leading up to taking that first step towards traveling, saving the money is probably the most overwhelming and intimidating part of the pre-planning. It really does not have to be though. I’ve learned over the last half decade of traveling and saving that it takes patience and some discipline but is not impossible even for those who don’t make a lot of money. I’ve been part time at my job and going to school full time and I still have managed to put some money aside in order to take an occasional trip. I’ll be listing some of the tips that either I picked up along the way from other people or that I have figured out for myself.
Tip #2: Envelopes!

Envelopes are a great way to divide your money up into specific savings categories. Set a small goal for yourself that you plan to meet by taking a little out of your paycheck and instead of using a savings account that is attached to a checking account where you can easily transfer money when you need it, put it into an envelope. The key is to put the envelope somewhere that you won’t be tempted to take from it. It takes discipline. I find it more tempting to transfer money from savings to checking than it is to go into my savings envelopes. If you plan to have large amounts make sure you use a safe. I have an envelope for long term goals and short term goals all of which eventually gets transferred to a savings account that is not attached to my checking and difficult to pull from with delay time between when I request withdrawals and when it actually hits my account.

2 thoughts on “Travel Savings Tip #2

  1. Very good idea. I have always used a change cup and then whatever I had in that cup in time for my cruise would be my casino money or one excursion cost. :) I like your idea and am going to try it and open a seperate savings at another bank.

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