The Airplane Flies Across the Sky…

Ok, so this is my last post from home. I’m about to head to the airport and should be landing in Africa at 8:20pm Thursday night. I have a 2 hour flight to Detroit then an 8 hour flight to Amsterdam with an hour lay over then another 8 hour flight to Nairobi, Kenya.

Everyone pray that I can fall asleep on the airplane because usually I can’t.

Take care!!

See you on the other side

In the Air

It is almost 6am Madrid time. I cant sleep. We are at 33,000 feet. It is only midnight in my brain so I am having difficulty.

2 drinks didnt help. I walked aound afew times but that seems to make it worse.

I hope Im not bugging any one zith my overhead light: The girl next to me is really nice. She is 19 and from California: She is going to Spain for weeks to study abroad. She seems to have been able to find a way to sleep. Her name is Bethany.

If I cant sleep atleast an hour or so I may find a spot at the airtport to lay down for a few hours.

Hopefully Goodnight