I woke up this morning and got a Facebook message from an old elementary school classmate of mine who told me about a deal Jetblue was doing for flights from JFK to various airports.  $10 each way plus taxes and the flight came to $41.  With out hesitation I booked my Tampa to NYC flight.  The deal is that you have to fly out on Tuesday 3/9 and return on Wednesday 3/10.  So, now I’m up at 4am with a flight to catch in 3 hours.

I figured I’d be able to find something to do in New York City for one day but I forgot all about the University of South Florida Bulls playing in the Big East basketball tournament at Madison Square Garden this week.  Turns out they play at 12pm later today (Tuesday) So, after waking up this morning and it being the start of a normal week it has turned out quite exciting.  It is technically my spring break right now and I don’t work on Tuesdays so I couldn’t think of any reason NOT to do this.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been spontaneous.  This should be fun.  I can kind of treat this like an excursion I might take on a trip overseas.