Chicken Pizza

My friend Brooke from Brooke brought up the Chichen Itza because of a book cover she found and loved. It reminded me of how many amazing things there are to see in my corner of the world. North America is filled with world heritage sites and ancient history that I’m often guilty of overlooking for more far away lands.

Has anyone reading this made the bus trip from Cancun to Chichen Itza? Or been there for any other reason? I think I’d like to visit during the autumn equinox because at an exact moment during the day a shadow hits the temple in such a way that creates a snake down the side of it. The Mayans were pretty cool. I bet Tikal and Chichen Itza will be flooded for the 2012 end of the world celebrations.

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza (photo courtesy of

TEFL International

I have put off the dreaded search for a good TEFL certification course for quite awhile and I’m not really even sure I’m ready to dive into it yet but seeing as though I’m about a year out from graduating it would smart to at least have some options. For those of you who don’t know, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is a certification that helps prepare people to teach English in a foreign country to students who already have a basic grasp of the language. The certification is not required but it does help find better paying jobs in more competitive markets.

Wat Doi Suthep

Chiang Mai, Thailand

I’ve narrowed it down to Chiang Mai, Thailand, Hong Kong and Jakarta, Indonesia as the three most likely places I will land a teaching job coming straight out of TEFL certification and my bachelors degree. I found a pretty decent looking course. TEFL International I’ve done a little bit of research and it doesn’t seem to have any scams attached to it and it is pretty affordable. There are 4-6 week courses in Chiang Mai so that would be perfect! I could totally see myself traveling through South East Asia for a few months then settling into a TEFL course and then hopefully being placed into a job. Thailand is supposed to be really laid back and the students are really eager to learn and very respectful. This would be a great opportunity to start out and get the hang of the classroom. My ultimate goal will be Hong Kong. I’ve always wanted to live in a big city and I totally dig Hong Kong in just about every way. I can give up having a car, learn a new language, ride the best subway system in the world in a city with by far the best skyline. Oh, and eat authentic Chinese food ALL the time.

If anyone reading this has any suggestions for TEFL courses or knows anything about TEFL International that I linked above PLEASE let me know.

5th Continent

I’m excited to say that in December I will set foot on my 5th continent. South America. I just spent 45 frustrating minutes on trying to purchase the flight. I had originally planned to go to Panama but after thinking it over for awhile and being bored with the idea of chilling on the beach for 10 days I decided the price was right for a flight to Bogota, Colombia. I’ll spend 10 days in December in and around the cities of Bogota and Medellin! I’ve hear nothing but good things about Colombia as long as I ask the right people who have actually been there and aren’t basing their opinions on popular misconceptions. The timing will be PERFECT for this trip. I’ll be finishing my 3rd semester of Spanish so it will give me a good chance to practice it. I hear English is kind of hard to come by!

I have no real plan in place yet other than about 5 days around each city with one full day of travel in between. I found a pretty cool looking hostel in Bogota but nothing yet in Medellin. I will be sure to keep everyone posted on my plans! Now I just have to get through the fall semester in one piece. This will be a great get-a-way.

I hate computers and I think I'm staying home in August

Seriously, I finally figured out what was buggin my brand new PC over the last few months. It was a crappy hard drive. So, I made sure I got all my photos off of it and into safety. I would die if I lost my travel pictures. I replaced the hard drive and reinstalled windows and now everything seems to be running OK. I told myself I would wait for everything to be working right before I started organizing photos or getting myself more involved with Twitter.

So, about August. I have a week off from both classes and work in mid-August. It will actually be my birthday week. I originally planned to maybe go out of town for the weekend. I even went as far as attempting to make contact with a Couch Surfer from Haiti. Flights are pretty cheap from Tampa to Port-au-Prince and I have heard great things about the couch surfers there. I think the notice is too short now and in reality I just don’t feel up for a trip right now.

I’ve been running through a ton of options for December when I have much more time off but that’s Christmas time and mom has already expressed that she would like me home for Christmas this year because after I graduate I may not be home for SEVERAL.

And so it starts…

This is where it will start.  I’m going to blog about my progression towards going global.  Everyone who knows me knows I’ve done some travel but also knows that my ultimate goal is to sustain myself abroad and experience the world on a much deeper scale.  I will be blogging my final year of college, a few trips before I graduate and then my TEFL certification before heading overseas to teach English for a few years.  The details along the way may change but the overall theme will not.  I will be global.  I will see the world.

I have a couple of exciting things in the works for the rest of 2009.  I’ll post about them shortly.  In the mean time, here is a photo from my last trip to the Dominican Republic!

La Galaras