And so it starts…

This is where it will start.  I’m going to blog about my progression towards going global.  Everyone who knows me knows I’ve done some travel but also knows that my ultimate goal is to sustain myself abroad and experience the world on a much deeper scale.  I will be blogging my final year of college, a few trips before I graduate and then my TEFL certification before heading overseas to teach English for a few years.  The details along the way may change but the overall theme will not.  I will be global.  I will see the world.

I have a couple of exciting things in the works for the rest of 2009.  I’ll post about them shortly.  In the mean time, here is a photo from my last trip to the Dominican Republic!

La Galaras

The Airplane Flies Across the Sky…

Ok, so this is my last post from home. I’m about to head to the airport and should be landing in Africa at 8:20pm Thursday night. I have a 2 hour flight to Detroit then an 8 hour flight to Amsterdam with an hour lay over then another 8 hour flight to Nairobi, Kenya.

Everyone pray that I can fall asleep on the airplane because usually I can’t.

Take care!!

See you on the other side