Times they are a Changing

There is a lot of change in the air right now. The drop in humidity in Florida over the last week has been absolutely fantastic. The NFL and college football seasons are getting into full swing. Add to that all the Halloween decorations starting to be put up, it is undoubtedly “that time of year,” again. Pretty soon we’ll be able to open the windows in our houses and not have to adjust the AC settings in our cars. This time of year is the reason why people live in the state of Florida.

Change for me however, isn’t just in the temperature and the vibe. I found out this week that there will be some adjustments at my work that are going to effect my schedule. I’ve decide instead of being part of the change at work I’ll just leave a little bit sooner than I had originally planned. My resignation date was November 24th, the day before Thanksgiving. The changes at work take effect in the middle of the month so I am going to resign on November 12th. This means more time unemployed before heading overseas which also means I have to be creative with my money. This slight adjustment by about 12 days from my original plan isn’t that big of a difference but it has certainly brought me into the reality that life is about to change for me and the whirlwind is merely weeks away. Anticipation is winding down and experience is getting ready to kick in.

This also frees up some more time to do some pre-travel traveling. I’m currently working out a plan to spend a few weeks, maybe even an entire month in Central America. I’ll probably work that plan out this coming week.

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